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What is Narcotics Anonymous?

Narcotics Anonymous (NA) is a nonprofit, international, community - based organization for recovering addicts. Narcotics Anonymous members learn from one another how to live drug-free and recover from the effects of addiction in their lives.

Is Narcotics Anonymous for me?

Anyone who wants to stop using drugs may become a member of Narcotics Anonymous. Membership is not limited to addicts using any particular drug. Those who feel they may have a problem with drugs, legal or illegal, including alcohol, are welcome in NA. Recovery in Narcotics Anonymous focuses on the problem of addiction, not on any particular drug.

Literature Order Forms

Ottawa groups, committees, and individuals can now order from the Ottawa Area using the Order Forms of their choosing.

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Submit order to: literature@ottawana.org
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7th Donations

To donate to the Ottawa Area Service Committee, please send an e-transfer using the password hope to: treasurer@ottawana.org

For anyone using a bank that requires a 6-digit password, use nahope.

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