Site Disclaimer

This web site is not endorsed by the World Service Office (WSO) of Narcotics Anonymous; however, the logos are used under the conditions mentioned in the NA Intellectual Property Bulletin #1 (Revised July 2010) and are the property of the World Service Office of Narcotics Anonymous.

This web site is recognized, approved, and maintained by the Ottawa Area Public Relations Sub-committee of Narcotics Anonymous. This committee is NOT responsible for any non-NA endorsed links pointed to by other sites. When we say "non-NA endorsed," we mean any sites that do not explicitly state that they are recognized and/or supported by their Region/Area.

Our purpose in putting Narcotics Anonymous information on the Internet is to make information about Narcotics Anonymous available to the addicts who might need NA, our current members, and to the public.

  1. Placing information online will be a project of the Public Relations Subcommittee, accountable to that committee, to the Ottawa Area Service Committee, its groups and members. In doing this service work we will follow our Twelve Traditions, Ottawa Area guidelines, and guidelines from the World Service Office regarding online information.
  2. Our online NA information will contain links or references only to information provided by other NA areas, regions, or the World Service Office. In particular, we won't include links or references to Web sites maintained by individuals acting outside of the NA service structure. Individual's names, phone numbers or e-mail addresses will not be displayed. We will provide link(s) to services such as "Search Engines" without the intent of being an endorsement, rather a convenience to locate other NA sites on the Internet.
  3. This site will operate from an account under the name of the Ottawa Area Narcotics Anonymous Public Relations Subcommittee. A copy of the password(s) and backup files will be kept in the PR archives. The person(s) in charge of the web site will keep the information current, updating any changes to the information on the site.

Please notify the PR Subcommittee of any changes by calling the OASC Phoneline at 1-888-811-3887 or via email at This is simply one way of trying to give greater accessibility to information about the Ottawa Area of Narcotics Anonymous.

Any comments or requests to improve this website should be brought to the Public Relations Subcommittee meeting on the 3rd Thursday of the month at 6:30pm, at McNabb Community Centre.